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Hi there!  I’m Jennifer Sampson, or Jen Sampson, or that girl who takes stunning photos.  I go by that, too.  Glad you are here.  Don’t forget to send me a message through the “contact” option on my site so I know 1) you visited & 2) you want to know a little more.  I work with brides and planners who are having lavish, three day wedding festivities to the smallest, most intimate beach wedding scenarios and everything in between (typically an 8 hour day).  Every bride has different needs and desires.  I will create a custom quote for you.

I understand the magnitude of a wedding day.  I love the pretty details, the mixture of emotions.  Capturing that is my honor, as well as my duty, as your photographer.  I live in Downtown Stuart, FL.  I moved to Stuart  10 ago after living in West Palm Beach since birth.   Ask me about being born in the front seat of my parent’s yellow VW Bug on the way to St. Mary’s Hospital.  When people ask where I was born I usually say “on the corner of 45th & Australian.”  Ha!  Anyway, I’m stoked I get to call Stuart home.  The sense of community in Stuart is something I’ve never experienced and I absolutely love it.   I’ve made the best of friends in one of the most endearing cities I’ve ever known.  I get to live where others vacation…and where they come for their weddings!  Half of the weddings I photograph are those of out of state brides, the other half are South Florida locals.  I like ’em all!

Want to know anything else?  I’m pretty active on Instagram (jenniferjsampson & sampsonphotographystuart).

Talk soon!  – Jen (fixing a bride’s lash below)



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