Jupiter Island Chapel Baptism – Sweet Caroline

The Siragusa’s were such a lovely family to photograph.  The baptism of sweet Caroline was magical held at the Christ Memorial Chapel.


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Celebrating Jane Evans – Special Mentorship Blog Post

Remember Myspace?  Over ten years ago, I would devour pages and pages of photographers who shared their work on Myspace.  I loved it.  I learned from it.  I formed forever friendships from it.  Jane Evans from North Richland Hills, Texas and I hit it off!  She invited me to her home to photograph her and her partner Marion and I jumped at the chance to spend time with a dear friend.  Yes, one I met on Myspace!  Since that initial visit, I’ve gone another 3 times since.  Once, my daughter and I shared a white Christmas in TX with our dear Janey.  I have mentored her over the years regarding photography.  It is odd to write that because it has always been somewhat informal and easy.  She’s a gifted artist.  She sees moments and magic like no other.  But with some tweaking here and there…some software explanations and lens choice help, she’s excelling at what she loves.  This session on a foggy Texas morning was dreamlike.  I am so beyond impressed with her art.  What a series of images!  I just plucked a few that I truly love to share with you.  Yes, a photographer touting another photographer.  It happens!  Especially when you believe that we are a community of artists, not competitors.  She is a dear friend and a talented photographer – meet Jane Evans.  See her work below:
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New Head Shots by Dawn Gilmore! And a quick boudoir shot of me too! Jen, Exposed!

Head Shots by Dawn Gilmore for Jen Sampson of Sampson Photography

Head Shots by Dawn Gilmore for Jen Sampson of Sampson Photography

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Head Shots by Dawn Gilmore for Jen Sampson of Sampson Photography





Boudoir Shots by Dawn Gilmore for Jen Sampson

Boudoir Shots by Dawn Gilmore for Jen Sampson

I’m Jen Sampson of Sampson Photography.  Primary shooter and owner of the biz.  The photos in this post are of me, not my clients, for once.  It is strange posting about myself!  But I had to share!

I’m still riding what a fellow photographer, Dawn Gilmore,  refers to as the “post session high.”  I love that!  It captured what I’m experiencing perfectly after having my very own session with her this week.

Being on the other side of the camera was super intimidating to me. I’ve never been happy with my body but as I learn to love myself, it means loving every lump, bump, & gorgeous curve. ALL OF IT. Dawn Victoria Gilmore of Dawn V Gilmore Fine Art Photography put me at ease. Complete ease. I needed an updated headshot and she was a natural choice. I was so happy to be invited into her beautiful studio and have the most delightful hair and makeup artist (HMUA) – Aimee of A Beautiful You By Aimee glam me up! For the first time I did some more boudoir type shots…which was liberating and transformative. (those are private haha) EVERY GIRL NEEDS THIS DONE AT LEAST ONE (or 5) TIMES! They are personal photos for me to cherish and remember myself as a beautiful 38 year old woman. It was really hard to say that before. “A beautiful 38 year old woman” but my experience with Aimee and Dawn cemented that in my head and in my heart today. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate the gorgeous/flawed/wonderful/lumpy/joyful/bumpy/messy/loving/crazy YOU. Celebrate it and document it with Dawn. You do NOT have to be a size 2. Her skill with lighting and posing direction is one of the best I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve been in the photography industry for ten years and am floored at her talents! This gorgeous makeup went to waste about an hour after my shoot because I cried tears of joy just from what I saw on the back of the camera WITHOUT EDITS. I saw a bright alluring lively lovely girl. And it was ME.   Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll contact me for your wedding photography needs and Dawn for your boudoir needs!  http://dawnvgilmorephoto.com


House of Refuge Engagement Session | Stuart, FL Beach Photography


Hi there, folks!  I love shooting at House of Refuge in Stuart, Florida.  These amazing rocks and lighthouse have quite the history!  Quoting the location’s web site (linked here):
“The House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar is the only remaining House of Refuge. Built as one of ten along the east coast of Florida, it is the oldest structure in Martin County and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Houses of Refuge were designated as havens for shipwrecked sailors and travelers along the sparsely populated Atlantic coastline of Florida. Run by the United States Lifesaving Service, the Houses played a critical role in a time when sailing ships dominated the world commerce.

The historic structure has weathered many storms and provided needed shelter for shipwreck survivors.”

A fitting setting for an engagement session, as Todd proposed to Brandi here..  I hope they always look to each other as their own private refuge!

Congrats on your upcoming marriage, guys!  You were a pleasure to photograph!


Downtown Stuart Engagement Session | Brittany & Lee


We meet again, lovely blog readers!

I recently photographed Brittany & Lee in my downtown Stuart, FL neighborhood.  The flowering trees, white picket fences and general charm of the hood makes for a great backdrop!  This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married on October 8, 2016.  I am super excited to be photographing their wedding! The reception grounds at Frenchman’s Reserve are drool worthy.  Anticipate exquisite photos!

Future wedding details aside, let’s get to the present: Brittany & Lee’s engagement session! These two are real naturals in front of the camera. Lee has modeled before (the chiseled face & striking features may have given that away!). Their good looks, her luscious locks, fabulous outfit choices, a sublime location and their genuine love for each other made this photo shoot one of my favorites yet!

Brittany shared with us how they met and how he proposed!

Brittany was visiting her friend Shannon in Gainesville, FL and that is where Lee and Brittany’s mutual friend, Bryce, introduced them to each other. They have been dating since December of 2010 when Lee asked Brittany via Facebook to go on a date next time he was visiting in Jacksonville. After their first date, Brittany called her friend Rylee and said, “I think he may be the one I marry.”

Fast forward:
Lee planned with two of Brittany’s friends, Rylee and Dannah, to convince Brittany to have a girl’s weekend in Savannah, Georgia. Lee got to Savannah early to check in to the hotel, get ready, and wait. When the girls got to Savannah, they planned to go out to a nice dinner, but what Brittany didn’t know is they were going to meet Lee in Lafayette Square for the proposal! As the sun was setting, Lee met Brittany at the same fountain where they visited together 3 years ago. Lee gave Brittany a hug and told her, “I’ve been praying over this ring for over a month; Asking God to bless our relationship, everything this ring represents and our future marriage.” Lee got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said, yes!

The wedding will be held at the church Brittany’s family has been attending since 2008, Christ Fellowship.