Celebrating Jane Evans – Special Mentorship Blog Post

Remember Myspace?  Over ten years ago, I would devour pages and pages of photographers who shared their work on Myspace.  I loved it.  I learned from it.  I formed forever friendships from it.  Jane Evans from North Richland Hills, Texas and I hit it off!  She invited me to her home to photograph her and her partner Marion and I jumped at the chance to spend time with a dear friend.  Yes, one I met on Myspace!  Since that initial visit, I’ve gone another 3 times since.  Once, my daughter and I shared a white Christmas in TX with our dear Janey.  I have mentored her over the years regarding photography.  It is odd to write that because it has always been somewhat informal and easy.  She’s a gifted artist.  She sees moments and magic like no other.  But with some tweaking here and there…some software explanations and lens choice help, she’s excelling at what she loves.  This session on a foggy Texas morning was dreamlike.  I am so beyond impressed with her art.  What a series of images!  I just plucked a few that I truly love to share with you.  Yes, a photographer touting another photographer.  It happens!  Especially when you believe that we are a community of artists, not competitors.  She is a dear friend and a talented photographer – meet Jane Evans.  See her work below:
Jane Evans Photography 16406560_10154804242080180_8744354818530723044_n 16423042_10154807055225180_652996227698262538_o 16423143_10154804539880180_2978334967023822476_o