Folio Boxes & Finished Matted Prints – What are they? & Why you’ll love them! Stuart, FL Beauty Photographer | Portraits of Women | Treasure Coast, Florida

Folio Boxes & Finished Matted Prints – What are they? & Why you’ll love them!  Most of my client’s want photos to share on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  They also want family heirlooms but aren’t always thinking of that when they reach out for their photo shoot.  I remind them of what I do…I’m a full service photographer offering a fun, meaningful day of beauty.  I want to photograph mom, her mom, sisters, mom/daughter, best friends – you see.  I want them to have something tangible to hand down.  Just like the way of Myspace, Facebook will be defunct at some point and where will your images live?  On media that you can’t access due to the technology advances.  Sad, right?  Not if you’re shooting with me.  I offer heirloom quality, matted portrait prints nestled in an archival quality folio box.  Place it on your coffee table or book shelf and show to guests.  Or keep it tucked away if the photos are touch too intimate for every day sharing.  For every portrait print you buy, you are given the digital equivalent.  So guess what?  You still have your favorite photos in an easy to share format.  Just like you wanted when you called.  Call me to today to book your photo session in my Downtown Stuart, FL studio.  772.678.0232


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Folio box with finished matted prints

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